Citizen Scientist Tree Projects


Hug a tree…that’s right!

Go outside. Find a tree.

Wrap your arms around the trunk of a tree.

Press your cheek against its bark.

Close your eyes.

Listen. What sounds do you hear from the tree? Are the leaves whispering? Are the branches rustling?

Take a deep breath. What do you smell? The woods? Spring? Musty leaves on the ground?

Open your eyes. Touch the tree with your fingers. Explore its bark, trace its branches, rub a leaf between your fingers. Be gentle.

What other parts of the tree do you see? Roots? Seeds?

How do you feel getting close to a tree?

Write about your experience in your tree journal. In your journal, draw a picture of your tree. Note specific observations about your tree. Take measurements. Plan to visit your tree in a week or months to observe it again.


Become a Citizen Scientist and help scientists help trees! Citizen Scientists are regular kids (like you!) and their grown-ups. They participate in scientific projects to gather data and monitor trees so scientists can help our planet.

Here are some Citizen Scientist tree projects you can join:

  • CURIO: Locate trees in your backyard or neighborhood, write down observations about them, and add them to a global map.
  • LEAFSNAP: Help identify different kinds of trees in your neighborhood with photographs of their leaves
  • NATIONAL TREE BENEFIT CALCULATOR: Go to this site to calculate the benefits of different trees in your yard or neighborhood.
  • GLOBE OBSERVER: TREES: Use an app to help NASA track changes on Earth and interpret satellite data. Find a tree in your neighborhood to measure and observe. Then submit your data to this Citizen Scientist project.

For more Citizen Scientist projects, CLICK HERE to go to SciStarter.

The Endicott Pear Tree, 2018
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