Plant a Pear Tree

People have been excited about the Endicott pear tree for centuries. With its historic past, connection to America’s founding fathers and mothers, and amazing ability to survive over the past 400 years, many people want to plant an Endicott pear tree at their historic site, special garden, or even their very own backyard.

In the early 1800s, former President John Adams planted on his farm “scions” or twigs cut from the Endicott pear tree and specially prepared for planting. Over the years, others have planted similar trees with scions from a clone of the Endicott pear tree as well.

Today, with the help of descendants of Governor John Endecott, the Puritan who first planted the Endicott tree in 1632, you can purchase a scion from a clone of the Endicott pear tree. And you can plant it in a special spot to honor this brave old pear tree!

Certified arborist, Tim Endicott, of Endicott Horticulture in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is growing trees grafted with cuttings from the original Endicott pear tree.

CLICK HERE for information on how you can order your own Endicott pear tree to plant.

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